About the Choir

Salem UMC’s choir may be small, but a common comment from both church members and visitors is that the choir sounds like there are a lot more singers than one can see in the choir loft. Personally, I believe that is because we dedicate our efforts not to performing music, but to praising God. Our purpose is to enhance the worship service by the message we present through song. We pray for God to use the limited talents we have to be a blessing to the congregation, and He responds.

Although the choir sounds wonderful (this is a compliment to the choir members and a recognition of God’s use of their talents, not a brag on my part as music leader), there is little formal training among the members. Sometimes I get the impression that people are afraid to join because they don’t feel they are “good enough.” If you love to sing, please join us. We are simply a bunch of amateurs. My choir doesn’t mind me calling them amateurs, because I have told them what an amateur is. The word is actually based on the Latin word for love. An amateur is someone who doesn’t do something for money, or for glory, but simply for the love of doing it!

We meet every Wednesday night at 6:30. We would love to have you join our bunch of amateurs who love singing praises to God.