Blue Christmas

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A Blue Christmas service is held on or around December 21 as that is, the longest night of the year and each night after continually gets shorter with more and more daylight.  This is a service for those who are experiencing grief, loss, depression, mourning, alienation, cast away from family, or generally sad.  Yet, during this time of the year, they are often forced to put on a happy face and deny their true feelings.

Many times individuals that have experienced the death of a loved one in the past year, a divorce, job loss, or major transition that leaves them celebrating Christmas alone find this service to be most beneficial.  All are welcome to attend this service, especially those who do not feel the Joy of the holiday season.   Our blue Christmas service will celebrate hope, comfort, and grace as we acknowledge our grief and recognize that this Christmas is different.

The holidays are not always joyous for everyone, and Salem is here to offer hope and comfort during these times.  Please join us on December 21st for Blue Christmas: A Service of Comfort and Hope at 7 PM in the Fellowship Hall.